Predator S141UV Air Sanitizer

Predator S141UV Air Sanitizer
  • Purifies and disinfects, working in synergy its technology with oxidation and photocatalytic ionization (onizes - deodorizes - disinfects - oxygens ) in the space where it is used
  • Elegant, small, light, mobile…. It takes care of you and yours, everywhere and every place
  • Designed to disinfect and purifier your spaces, silently 24 hours a day, 7 days a week , ecologic, easy to maintain and with an invaluable electric cost
  • Normal mode ( 1-2-3 ) which uses the Glaziar PCO Technology to produce low levels of natural oxidants and super oxide ions for daily use with humans and animals indoors
  • Purification mode that adjusts the frequency of distribution of Ozone / Activated Oxygen in three levels according to the square meters
  • Away Mode with 2-hour timer, which increases active oxygen generation for efficiency in unoccupied spaces up to 140m²
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Controls 4: Level 1 (0-25 sq m) Level 2 (25-50 sq m) Level 3 (50-90 sq m) Level 4 (90-140 sq m)
Noise Level - High Fan Speed (dbA) 25
Noise Level - Low Fan Speed (dbA) 12
Power Consumption (kW) Less than 1
Dry Weight (kg) 1.5
Dimensions (mm)
Height 178
Width 165
Depth 165

Removal of up to 99,99% of Viruses. Microbes, Moulds, Bacteria, Fungi, Odors, Gases, Smokes, Dead skin  particles, Mites, Spores, Animal dander. People suffering from respiratory problems: asthma, sinusitis, allergies and respiratory infections.

What about Coronavirus?

Covid-19 is classified as an RNA virus. complying with FDA protocols in one of its certified laborotories, PCO technology has demonstrated elimination of one type of RNA virus by 99.9999% thanks to the PCO Technology this product includes.


Air purifying equipment IS NOT A HEALTH PRODUCT and it's use does not replace, affect or condition in any way, the strict adherence to the measures approved or recommended by the health authority or that it may approve or recommend in the future, such as the use of face makss, social distancing or hygiene of people and surfaces or any other recommended or mandatory measures.