Installation of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries fixed air conditioning 

London Cool designs, supplies and installs Mitsubishi Heavy Industries fixed air conditioning systems in London, Sussex and Surrey


The range of air conditioning units available for commercial applications includes split systems and VRF (variable refrigerant flow).

Split Air Conditioning Systems

The energy-efficient single and multi-split air conditioning systems available from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHIAE) are a versatile and affordable air conditioning solution suitable for most small and medium size workplaces such as retail units or small offices.

A single split system consists of one indoor unit connected to one outdoor unit. PAC (precision air conditioning) single split systems are suitable for most commercial premises, particularly where total control over direction, timing and temperature is required, for example data centres, healthcare facilities and clean room environments.

The ceiling cassette PAC capacities range from 4kW (model FDT40ZMXVF) to 14kW (FDT140VNXVF, FDT140VSVF, FDT140VNVF, FDT140VSXVF), while compact ceilign casette systems range from 4.0kW to 5.6kW.

Multi split fixed air conditioning units comprise up to four matching indoor units with a single outdoor unit. They can be operated simultaneously with a single remote control. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ new highly efficient technology and longer piping contribute towards energy savings and environmental protection for your fixed air conditioning system..

The PAC single and multi split indoor air conditioning units are available as ceiling cassettes, compact ceiling cassettes, low static pressure duct connected, and can be ceiling suspended, wall mounted or floor standing.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries KX VRF System

The VRF (KX) air conditioning system is ideal for commercial and industrial applications, with up to 80 indoor units in a single system.

Sophisticated control, combined with a high level of technology, ensures reduced energy consumption and high efficiency rates. The KX range starts with 11.2kW cooling capacity (22.4 kW for heat recovery), up to the largest capacity single outdoor unit in the industry with 68.0kW cooling capacity. Outdoor units can also be paired together, providing up to 136.0kW on a single system.

The Mitsubishi Heavy Industries KX6 heat pump systems operate with 2 inter-connecting pipes (commonly referred to as a '2-pipe system'), and provide either a heating or cooling operation to all indoor units. KX6 is suitable for a wide range of applications from an individual apartment to an entire multi storey building.

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