Air Conditioning Repairs in London and Sussex 

Air Conditioning Repairs in London, Surrey, Sussex & Kent 

London Cool specialise in the repair of air conditioning, ventilationand climate control systems to retail, commercial, industrial and public sector premises in London, Essex, Kent, Surrey, Sussex, Berks, Bucks, Hertfordshire and many other parts of the UK. We can provide our clients with exclusive maintenance and repair contracts for small offices and retail units through to large multi-site blue-chip companies and local authority buildings.

At London Cool we understand how important it is to our customers to reach their premises quickly and efficiently in order to repair their air conditioning unit and prevent any major financial implications.  For example, if the air conditioning unit in a central server room of any of our major clients breaks down and is not repaired quickly, this can have a knock-on effect through the computer servers overheating and crashing which in certain situations, can be crucial.

Air conditioning and heat pump equipment is extremely reliable but, as with all mechanical equipment, breakdowns, can occur however well maintained the equipment may be.  When this happens it is good to know that help is readily on hand.  As well as offering preventative maintenance, London Cool also provides an air conditioning repair service which also covers emergency call out repairs.

“Murphy’s Third Law of Air Conditioning” dictates that on the very day you most need your air conditioner to work, it will break down!

We offer a one-off repair service to any air conditioning system which may have ceased working, through to air conditioning systems which are just throwing out a bad odour when switched on.

Our air conditioning repair service covers all makes and models of AC equipment and includes heat pumps and refrigeration.

As you would expect, all of our engineers are fully qualified and undertake continuous professional development and training in all aspects of air conditioning and climate control repair, and have good back-up in the office to ensure that systems are up and running with the minimum of delay.

Our team of friendly and professional staff have a very good local knowledge of London (our engineers visit London on a daily basis) Surrey, Sussex and Kent and are on hand to provide air conditioning repair in a prompt and timely manner.

London Cool are prepared to repair air conditioning systems that have not necessarily been installed by us and offer a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty on parts for every repair we undertake (subject to status).

Should your equipment fall into that unfortunate category of the units we are unable to repair on our first visit, then still no worry! - If we have to source a spare part to replace the broken part of your unit which may have become obsolete, we will arrange for an emergency mobile unit to be placed in the room until we return and complete the repair.

Believe it or not, we find that the majority of breakdowns requiring repairs are generally quite avoidable had the unit been subject to a regular annual service by a competent firm of installers. Maybe London Cool are the company to pick next time, especially with our fantastic offers on PPM (preventative, planned maintenance) which are hard to beat!