Industrial Portable Air Conditioner Rental London, Surrey, Kent, West Sussex  

Portable Air Conditioner Hire - Industrial

London Cool specialise in the hire, rent and sale of portable air conditioner equipment to industry and commerce. Our mobile air conditioner range include units for the climate control of small and large areas. The versatility and reliability of our mobile units, along with the high level of service we provide, are key to our success in the industry. Our staff are fully trained to ensure you receive the correct portable unit(s) at a reasonable cost and for the most appropriate length of rental time or sale.


4.4kW Denso SF15E MovinCool Portable Spot Cooler image
  • 4.4 kW Spot Cooler
  • Energy efficiency, flexible, versatilde, low maintenance
4.5kW Calorex Porta Temp 4500 Split Portable Air Conditioner image
  • Powerful 4.5kW split type unit with a nominal, supplied with a 5m line as standard.
  • Quiet in operation
6.0kW Weltem WHP-5000 Spot Cooler with Heatpump image
  • The Weltem WHP-5000 is a multi-function spot cooler with up to 21,000BTU cooling and 23,100BTU heating. Perfect for year round air conditioning in warehouses, workshops, car garages and offices
6.5kW Weltem WSC-6000 Split Air Conditioner image
  • The Weltem WSC-6000 6.5kW split type air conditioner has low noise level - suitable for offices, warehouses, computer server rooms. Features spot cool mode for lower than average temperatures for split portable air conditioners
6.5kW Calorex Porta Temp 6500 Split Portable Air Conditioner image
  • Powerful 6.5kW split type unit with a nominal, supplied with a 5m line as standard
  • Quiet in operation
6.7kW FRAL Avalanche Portable Split Air Conditioner image
  • Also know as Avalanche, Powerful 6.7kW split type unit. More powerful than a PAC22
  • Simple to install
7.3kW Airrex SF35 Portable Spot Cooler image
  • Can be used for room or spot cooling
  • Tough and versatile
7.3kW Broughtons PT7300 Split Type Portable Air Conditioner image
  • 7.3 kW portable 'split type' water cooled air-conditioning unit. More powerful than a PAC22
  • Can be used up to 30 metres from an external wall
7.3kW Weltem WPC-6000 Spot Cooler image
  • The Weltem 7.3 kW Spot cooler is a great alternative to the Airrex SF35 with 3 nozzles for directional cold air flow
7.3kW FRAL Blizzard Industrial Spot Cooler image
  • 7.3kW large industrial spot cooler, thermostatically controlled
9.4kW Weltem WPC-9000 Spot Cooler image
  • The Weltem WPC-9000 9.4kW is one of the largest compact spot coolers available in the UK.
10.0kW ENVIROMAX10 Industrial Portable Air Conditioner / Spot Cooler with Heat Pump image
  • Modular air conditioner 10.0kW
  • 10.0kW cooling & heating capacity
11.0kW Denso 30HE Portable Industrial Spot Cooler (3 phase) image
  • 11.0kW Industrial spot cooler
  • Rugged design, proven durability
17.0kW Denso 50HE Portable Industrial Spot Cooler (3 phase) image
  • 17.0kW Industrial spot cooler
  • Rugged design, proven durability


Air Conditioning

An air conditioner is an appliance, system, or mechanism that is designed to extract heat from an area using a refrigeration cycle. A complete system of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning is referred to as HVAC. Its purpose is to provide comfort conditions during hot days and nights. Air-conditioning units pump out thermostatically controlled cool air that has been chilled through heat extraction.

Cold Air Outlet Tubes

Portable Air Conditioning units which have flexible cold air outlet tubes are normally called 'spot coolers' and are designed to create an umbrella of cool air. The position of that umbrella is determined by the direction of the flexible cold air outlet tube, often referred to as a nozzle. This unit is ideal for cooling individual work stations or, more especially critical areas such as IT, Data Centres and Server Rooms. As well as cooling the air, the moisture is re-condensed out of the air and collected in an integral water reservoir that is emptied manually. An automatic condensate pump can be fitted as an extra.

Portable Air Conditioning

Portable air conditioners come in three forms, split, hose exhaust, and evaporative. The main uses/advantages of Portable Air Conditioning are:

  • It is portable, and thus location can be easily changed.
  • Temporary - in areas where air conditioning might not normally be needed, but there is a temporary requirement.
  • Emergency - portable air conditioning units can be supplied as emergency backup, in case of fixed air conditioning failure - especially critical in such areas as IT, Data Centres and Server Rooms.
  • If a permanent solution where fixed air conditioning is not possible.

Split Portable Air Conditioners

A split system has an indoor unit on wheels connected to an outdoor unit via flexible pipes, similar to a permanently fixed installed unit. Split system room Air Conditioners come as either refrigerant based or water cooled.