Frequently Asked Questions about Air Conditioning and heating 

Do you have any questions about portable air conditioning or heating, or maybe even installed air conditioning systems?


Some of our most recent frequently asked questions

Q: Do you supply to the general public?

A: This depends on the application, please call us for further information. 0800 440 444.

Q: Can my air conditioner provide heating as well as cooling?

A: Some models do – specifically 

Q: How does an evaporative cooler work?

A: The evaporative coolers provide a cooling effect by natural evaporation.  They require a full tank of water/ice and need a well-vented area.  Please note these units are not suitable for server rooms as they add humidity to the area.

Q: How do you work a portable air conditioner?

A: The units pump out cool air that has been chilled through heat extraction. The hoses must be positioned in a suitable area where the warm air can be ducted away from the area being cooled – either a window or a ceiling void.  The hoses should be as straight and as horizontal as possible so the unit can work efficiently.

Q: My air conditioning unit isn’t working or is not cooling properly, what can I do?

A: The most common cause is the unit being set at too low a temperature. See our blog for further information

Q: Is there a minimum hire period?

A: Yes, one week, but please note that you must advise us in writing when you want to off hire and for us to collect the units.

Q:  Are all your units PAT Tested?

A:  Because PAT Testing is no longer a legal requirement, we don’t routinely carry this out. If your site specifically requires items that are PAT Tested, then you must advise us at the time of your order.

Q:  Are you F Gas registered?

A: Yes, we are, you can find the latest copy of our REFCOM certification here.


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