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Electronic Air Purification Hire

London Cool supply a wide range of Electronic Air Purifiers. Specially designed to be compact, extremely versatile and have a wide variety of applications


Predator S141UV Air Sanitizer image
  • Built in Glaziar PCO Technology - the only technology that eliminates all viruses, bacteria and germs in air and on surfaces by 99,99%, can be used in our presence and that of our pets, technology non toxic and free of chemical products use such as sprays
Airfree P150 Air Purifier - 60m image
  • A natural solution to airborne allergens
Airfree P40 Air Purifier - 16m image
  • Highly efficient TSS air-sterilisation technology and an award winning design
Airfree WM140 Air Purifier - 32m image
  • The powerful, 100% stainless steel, wall-mounted WM series incorporates the same second to none TSS technology and is built to last in commercial, industrial and public areas
Airfree WM300 Air Purifier - 80m image
  • Air purifier recommended for rooms up to 100 m². The powerful, 100% stainless steel, wall-mounted WM series incorporates the same second to none TSS technology and is built to last in commercial, industrial and public areas

Glaziar PCO TechnologyTM brought to you in the compact Predator S141UV Air Sanitiser

Glaziar PCO Technology is the only technology that eliminates all viruses from the air and surfaces at 99.99% with the presence of living beings. It replaces manual sufrfance disinfection with liquids and sprays with its sleek, compact design built to disinfect and purify your spaces silently, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Ideal applications for the Predator S141UV Air Sanitiser include commercial offices, doctor surgeries, dental surgeries, vetinary surgeries, NHS hospitals, schools in London, Sussex and Surrey.

What about Coronavirus?

Covid-19 is classified as an RNA virus. complying with FDA protocols in one of its certified laborotories, PCO technology has demonstrated elimination of one type of RNA virus by 99.9999% thanks to this technology.


Air purifying equipment IS NOT A HEALTH PRODUCT and it's use does not replace, affect or condition in any way, the strict adherence to the measures approved or recommended by the health authority or that it may approve or recommend in the future, such as the use of face makss, social distancing or hygiene of people and surfaces or any other recommended or mandatory measures.

Air Ioniser

An air ioniser is a device which uses high voltage to ionise, or electrically charge, molecules of air. These machines can be designed either to generate specifically charged ions (all positive or all negative), or to create both polarities indiscriminately. However, most commercial air purifiers are designed to generate negative ions. Negative ions are particles that temporarily contain an extra electron, causing the entire molecule to possess a negative electrical charge. Conversely, a positive ion is deficient by one electron and has an overall positive charge

Electronic Air Purifiers and Smoke Eliminators

An electronic air purifier is an air purifier that uses an advanced and effective type of technology to absorb contaminants in the air. Electronic air purifier products are used for businesses and residences in order to keep the air indoors safer and healthier for people to breathe. The filtering system used in an electronic air purifier uses a cutting edge design and knowledge of the behaviour of contaminants in the air in order to work powerfully. Electronic air cleaners are able to remove particles, fumes, odours and gases from the air. The technology used in electronic air cleaners makes them one of the most effective and advanced types of air purifiers on the market today. Electronic air purifiers are an efficient and low maintenance type of air purifier. They are easy to care for and deliver the same quality as other filtering systems on the market. With at least 95% efficiency, it's no wonder that electronic air purifiers are becoming a popular and convenient way to provide clean and healthy air.