Heaters and Heater Hire in London and Sussex 

Direct Fired Gas Heater Hire & Sale

London Cool specialise in the hire, rent and sale of direct fired gas heaters across London, Surrey, Sussex and Kent. These are highly effective, compact and robust as well as being fully portable and suitable for areas that require large volumes of warm air. Our range of direct fired gas heaters are perfect for applications such as factories, warehouses, sports halls, loading bays and farm buildings. These direct gas heaters are run on power of 110v or 240v and need permanent ventilation to the outside environment. Contact us today if you are looking for heater hire Sussex or heater hire London.


Arcotherm GP45A Direct Fired Gas Heater - 47.0kW image
  • 47.0kW direct fired gas heater
  • Available in dual voltage
Arcotherm GP65A Direct Fired Gas Heater - 66.0kW image
  • 66.0kW direct fired gas heater
  • Easy to operate
Jetaire LG280 - Direct Fired Gas Heater  variable 33-82 kw image
  • Propane fueled space heater
  • 280,000 Btu variable output
Arcotherm GP105A Direct Fired Gas Heater - 108.0kW image
  • 108.0kW direct fired gas heater
  • Easy to operate