Predictions for snow - at last! 



Predictions for snow - at last!

So, after checking the weather everyday for the past few months we have finally noticed a prediction for a bit of snow!

Due for London and the South East on Friday December 16th, as well as Birmingham and the Midlands starting tonight and tomorrow, along with cold weather, wind and rain I can see Friday and Monday being very busy for us here so this is a call to get your orders in for heaters now before its too late.

Considering the weather this year, we here at London Cool and Midland Cool are extremely dissapointed that we have not had snow any earlier and although its not predicted we get much, it still goes to show that temperatures really are falling and set to fall even further over the next 4-5 days.

We cannot explain how busy we were last year with the poor weather and with high demands for heaters it became quite difficult to meet the demands of all our customers - that is why we ask you get get your orders in early, to avoid dissappointment.