Winter arrives later than expected 



The winter arrives later than expected in the UK

The bitter winter coldness has finally arrived for Midland Cool and London Cool maybe we should change our names to have ‘and heat’ on the end!? We have had quite a few phone calls over the past month or so asking if we hire heaters also, so to make you all aware, we most definitely do and have been hiring and selling heaters for as long as we have air conditioning.
So since our last blog Christmas and the New Year have passed and we have been so busy with new projects and the cold weather that we just have not had enough time to start the blog for 2012! But we hope you all enjoyed your breaks?!
Over the past month or so we have supplied our new electric patio heaters for parties, film premieres and we even supplied them to a company so they could warm up their customers whilst queuing for a TV show and in Birmingham and the west midlands both 240v and 3phase heaters have been out on hire. A lot of office heating has been supplied using oil filled radiators, energy efficient micro thermic heaters and even our range of portable air conditioners that have heat pump technology.
It looks as though people have been putting off having garden parties as our gas fired patio heaters have not been hired as much since the cold snap.
Both London Cool and Midland Cool still have some heaters available for hire from our warehouses in Crawley, central London and Birmingham.
Call us to warm up – we have some cracking deals on at the moment!