2.5kW Mica Column Heater

  • Top cover - Provides extra protection on the top of the unit for the safety of young children
  • Enhanced efficiency - A large radiating surface combined with the Vshaped heating element enables radiant heat to transfer more efficiently resulting in a faster gain of a balanced room temperature
  • Anti-frost protection - To avoid home units frosting over during cold weather. Power switches on automatically as room temperature drops below 5 degrees c
  • High radiant efficiency - Micathermic heating elements have a very high radiant coefficient. Efficiency is 80% higher than normal heating elements
  • Fast response time - Micathermic heating elements release radiant heat almost instantly (less than 1 minute)
  • Superior thermal assistance - The surface temperature of the Micathermic heating element can heat up to 300 degrees
  • Energy efficiency - Thanks to its internal construction, 99% of the energy is converted to heat
  • Safe heating element - Micathermic heating elements are non-glowing with an operational temperature well below fire hazard point
  • Large surface area - The construction of Micathermic heating element provides the maximum surface for radiant emission
  • Heat distribution uniformity - The construction of the Micathermic heating element allows heat transfer rapidly throughout the whole element
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Heating Capacity (kW) 3
Controls Remote control, 2 settings
Voltage (ph-volt/Hz) 230/50
Dry Weight (kg) 7
Dimensions (mm)
Height 710
Width 644
Depth 120